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A few infos about me: My name is Ivy and i was born in Germany! I have german/albanian roots! I live in switzerland and i love NUTELLA, OREO & CUPCAKES (especially all together)! Fan Artist for Ever After High, Monster High & other things...

  • picklepud:

    Croquet anyone?

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  • Anonymous asked : Sorry you have to deal with all this anon hate! <3 I know it's a bit late, but when you come back form being inactive, I have a request, you might know pokemon, well I love Advance Shipping Ash x May forever <3 can you draw them pretty please? If you need help just look up the characters :)

    Well, i like it! But thanks! ;*

  • Anonymous asked : Do you like Pokemon? And do you ship someone with Ash?

    I used to ship him with Gary, Brock, Dawn and May!! :3 haha! ;D

  • queenofpancakes asked : Am I the only one who finds your anon haters to ridiculously hilarious? The stuff they send you is so dumb that it makes me laugh.

    Childlish little dummies! I love them!!! xD

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  • Anonymous asked : you're really talented and nice! sorry you have to deal with all this hate. so many pathetic jealous babies in this fandom! it'll stop when they find the next victim. until then, stay strong! <3

    Oh please! :D anons entertain me!!! I mean, i am not perfect, but i am happy with who i am and nobody can tell me the contrary!!!

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  • Anonymous asked : Are you still going to stay on Flickr at least?

    Like i already said, my pages (tumblr, deviant, flickr and instagram) will stay! But i am going to be inactive! No fanarts, doll photography, etc.

    maybe one fanart per month or per 2 months! don’t know!

    Let’s see what will happen! :3

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  • Anonymous asked : You should go kill yourself!!! DICKFACE!!!! GAYBOY!!! No one likes u and no one will care if u just DIE!!!! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

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  • Anonymous asked : Your a fucking retard gay boy doll lover, glad u leavin tumblr bitchy retard! Yo "work" is crap nigga! Glad u leaving bitchy retard! How bout afta u leave u don't come back! Bitch! Retard! Shithead! -Kaylin-de-Nile

    Oh my God! O_o that message doesn’t really bother me, but the name! Kaylin-De-Nile would never ever say that to me and this so rude to put her name under it!

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  • prince-ivy:

    Hi Guys,

    i just wanted to tell you that this is my last week here on tumblr!
    Next week i will start my apprenticeship and my new scare-mester at the vocational school and this is royally important for me…

    And i think, it’s a good thing! After the collaboration with Mattel and the “mistake”…

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  • freshplinfa:

    "Sometimes…" - Lizzie Hearts

    Inspired by this song!


    Guys, listen to that song! Some parts are made for LIzzie… ;(

    Without text:

    Full Resolution on my flickr!

    ©2014, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Art by freshplinfa

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  • Anonymous asked : Are you still gay?

    What da heck?! Yes i am STILL gay!

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  • Anonymous asked : You're awesome! Thanks for taking down the post and being so sweet. Anyone getting upset at you should look at how promptly you responded and apologized. Thanks again!

    Well, of course! I found that picture and i have overlooked the last word! Actually i am the f****** (literally)! and i say it again, i am really, really sorry! 

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  • starsketcher:

    So a bunch of people in the Ever After High fandom are bashing some anon who told some artist that her drawing style sucks (which BTW is totally justified since anon hate is gross), but they’re ignoring the fact that the artist replied with a meme that used a homophobic slur?? Heck, all of the…

    I am really sorry ‘bou that! It was really rude and i apologize for that! and i am defenitly not homophobic! :D 

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  • Anonymous asked : Hey Fresh! I love your art & admire you greatly. I'm also sorry about the stupid anon you got today. That being said, could you refrain from using the term faggot? It's incredibly triggering as a member of the LGBT community. Thank you bunches and I look forward to seeing your art!

    Thank you so much & i am sorry! :3 i’ve just had this little moment and i put any picture i could find….

    *gonna delete the post*

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  • kaylin-de-nile:

    Legacy Day, Hat-tastic Maddie and TC Raven on spa day. Pretty happy with the results, especially HT Maddie. Her hair just flows to the side now :)

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